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Galvanic transition (reducer) 50 * 32

Galvanic transition (reducer) 50 * 32

Material – nickel-plated brass;
Color – Chrome

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Cold galvanic galvanizing of rolled steel is carried out in galvanic baths by reducing zinc from electrolytes. This method provides the highest protective and covering performance.

In order to achieve greater corrosion resistance, in addition to applying a zinc coating, chromating and phosphating processes are also carried out. Thus, the decorative characteristics of metal pipes are improved.

Electrochemical galvanizing leads to a loss of ductility of the metal, so steel materials whose tensile strength exceeds 1380 N / mm2 are not galvanized.

The applied layer has strong adhesion with the base metal, reduced resistance to mechanical abrasion, and at a temperature above 250 ° C and below minus 70 ° C this layer is very fragile.

Zinc coating has low chemical resistance to chemicals that are released during the aging of organic materials.

In general, zinc is low toxic to humans compared to other metals used in electroplating.

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